NMR Instruments List

NMR Instrument probes facility contact
600 MHz NEO with Oxford magnet and phoenixNMR probes Bio21 NMR facility msani@unimelb.edu.au
Allowing publish
Bruker AV Neo 400 MHz 5mm BBFO iProbe and 5 mm BBI
Bruker AVIII HD 700 MHz
Bruker AVIIIHD 500 MHz 10 mm BBFO, 5mm BBFO, and Diff30 Diffusion Probe
Bruker AVIIIHD 600 MHz 5 mm TBO H/P/X, 1.7mm TXI microprobe H/C/N, and 5 mm TXI H/C/N
Bruker Neo 800 MHz DNP 3.2 mm LTMAS DNP
Glorious NMR Company 6.7 GHz WB DNP + LCMS 5mm QNP H/F/P/C
Instrument 1
Varian 400 MHz WB 5 mm AutoX, 5mm 4Nuc, 6 mm Chemagnetix MAS probe, and 4 mm Chemagnetix MAS probe
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