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Message from Paul Gooley, co-chair of ANZMAG 2022

Hello All

I had a few questions raised and while the conference committee has to make final decisions, the following may help:

  • The actual talks will start ~5 pm on Sunday 4th Dec around 5 pm and we expect to finish around middle of the day on Thursday the 8th.
  • Users meetings are still being figured out (as we all know budgets are tight) and *may* be on the 3rd and 4th, please be patient on that one.
  • We expect to have a couple of buses on the 4th and if we need also the 3rd, depending on the above.
  • Likely to have a day rate (missed thinking of that one)
  • Bursaries, relatively speaking will reflect distance travelled, in absolutes, dependent on number of attendees and registrations.

Note there will be users meetings as well. The abstract and registration pages are open; apologies for the delay. There will be plenty of opportunities for presentations by the membership (see abstract page).

Accommodation has to be booked separately through the conference centre. Booking enquiries should be sent directly to the hotel at To book a room, please state the name of the conference to secure the conference rate.

Superior King Room with Breakfast         $229 per night

There are additional options in Marysville to suit every budget. Some options are listed below:

Tower Motel Marysville

Crossways Country Inn

Wrenfield Cottages

Delderfuel Cottages

All Seasons Marysville

Marysville Garden Cottages


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